About me

H13149965_10209951682495082_40212521_ni! I’m Beth, a recent graduate with a history degree and the person running this blog.  First of all, I would love to say a big hearty thank you to you for visiting this part of the internet.  I do hope that you enjoy it.

From the age of 7, when I first read a quaint little history series called Horrible Histories, I have been unashamedly over-enthusiastic and wholeheartedly excited about history.  History is pretty much my life, I volunteer at my local museum, my hobby is 12th Century re-enactment and I read any history book that I can get my hands on.  I simply cannot get enough of it!

My interests in history are pretty broad, to say the least.  At university, I was often too medieval for the modernists and too modern for the medievalists.  A selection of topics I am interested in just to name a few include the ancient civilisations, Germany after 1945, medieval cathedrals, the Vikings, and fairy tales.  It is safe to say I have pretty much eclectic tastes when it comes to history.

About this blog

The Historical Inquisition is a blog about history for people who love history.  It does not matter whether you do not have any qualifications in history or have a PhD, history is for everybody and that is what I would like to spread.  I hope by writing this blog it helps to make history accessible to more people and unite them with a common passion for history.

There will be a wide variety of topics on this blog focusing on a plethora of different periods and cultures from across time.  I aim to write about historical events, individuals and discussions of interest to me which have been fully researched and are as unbiased as they possibly could be.  Hopefully, they will be of interest to you.

If there are any points you may disagree with, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me.  History should be a collection of everyone’s views and stories thus often there is no ‘correct’ history, only opinions.  That is the beauty of history.  I would love to hear your points of view on topics and I am always willing to learn about topics I have never even considered.

However, history is vast and I am only one person.  I would love to any post articles and essays by anyone who would like to be a guest writer.  This would mean that a variety of interesting and unusual topics could be covered and show different insights into history. Full credit will be given to any article and essay submitted to this blog.  I will not claim a single word which has not been written by me because it is unfair on those who have spent hours writing about the topic.  If you would be interested in collaborating, please head to the collaborate icon where there are full terms and conditions and the means to contact me.